• Tom Skarbek-Wazynski
  • Dom Belcher

The innovation Hub in is recreating the University campus inside the game, Minecraft .

We are working with student teams who come together to collectively rebuild the university campus whilst socialising and learning a series of softer skills. This project has allowed us to engage with students on a fun project but with potentially re world applications such as virtual tours from anywhere in the world.

There is also the potential for students recreate certain areas (or new spaces) in their own vision. This can later be used by our facilities team to consider when looking at new buildings or redevelopments.

As well as engaging students, the Minecraft projects has been successful at raising the universities profile in the media. So far the project has reached over 1 million viewers on BBC breakfast TV as well as local radio and a number of high profile publications including the Lancashire Evening Post and PC Pro. The unit has presented the project at the UCISA Support Services conference, generating much interest from other universities.

To check out campus in-game visit our server:

How does it improve the student experience?

By creating a fun and creative experience for existing & future students to enjoy and to contribute to. Minecraft provides a virtual platform that allows Lancaster students across the world to “meet” and communicate in a way not previously possible.

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